Our vineyards

Vigna spiridione, Spyridon vineyard, Spyridon Weinberg
Vigna Spiridione, Spyridone vineyard, Spyridone Weinberg
Vigna Vercanto, Vercanto vineyard, Vercanto Weinberg
Vigna Vercanto, Vercanto vineyard, Vercanto Weinberg

The vineyard were all replanted since the 1998 and are placed in a hilly area, are divided into four groups:

The Topporosso:
was the first vineyards replanted with Merlot, in a hilly red soil of medium texture ;

The Spiridione:
was planted in 2000 on the hill leading to the village of Montesperello, planted with 5.208 plants per hectare with the Merlot, on a poor stony land wich produce less then 1,2-1,4 Kg for each plant.
Is the the most characteristic and important vineyard of the farm,and is located in an area that has always provided excellent red wines.I n this area there was a time the vineyard of "Bettoni whose owner, Pasqualino, boasted of drinking a bottle of wine a day and died at the age of 98 years.

The Vercanto:
is the largest (5 hectars) vineyard, situated in a sunny mid-hill.
Consists of 2 red grapes hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and 3 hectare of withe grapes, Grechetto and Chardonnay.

There are also three additional hectar of vineyards in rent of Chardonnay and Grechetto

After careful assessment of soil and climate and some studies about the historical varieties cultived Were selected the verietà that could better adapt to this environment.For red wines was selected the clone 181 of Merlot, which is well adapts at poor soil and rocky ground of the vineyard of Spiridione and is it suitable for aging in barrels.
Furthermore two varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese were planted in the vineyard of Topporosso where the soil is optimal for hosting these vines.
The Whites, all planted in large plot of vercanto, are the 109 clone of Orvieto's grechetto, which together with Chardonnay require good light and land fresh and well fed.
And the Trebbiano, which occupies the plot of land most ventilated and ideal for the maturation of the grapes for the Vin Santo.

Merlot 4 hectars, for most it is the clone 181, suitable for aging
Sangiovese 0,75 hectars
Grechetto 4 hectars
Chardonnay 1,5 hectars